About the dentist

Dr. Ivo Majer
The dentist, practice manager
Born in 1970.
He graduated from the Medical Faculty in Rijeka in the year 1996.
Continuously improving on the professional seminars and conferences.
Member of the Croatian Dental Chamber.
He speaks English and Italian.
Experience of working with patients from European countries – Italy, Norway, The Netherlands.

  • +385 51 437-573 | +385 92 2809 558 | +385 91 506 4477
  • ivodentgog@gmail.com
  • ivo_majer

Approach to dentistry

Minimally invasive approach to dentistry is based on several important positions. None of the material or an artificial substitute for a tooth is not nearly as good as your own teeth and proper dental tissue.

Progress in the field of adhesive dentistry allow us to make material compensation for the dental tissue (composite materials) chemical dock on the remaining portion of the tooth. In this way we are now able , functionally and aesthetically, to compensate losses of the dental tissue directly into the mouth in one visit.
Everything you do in your mouth requires regular control in order to maintain the aesthetics and function of the initial work. The advantage of composite restoration of teeth is that they are fixable, unlike other methods of tooth replacement that are replaceable. This represents for patients great savings of time and money.

Minimally invasive approach means for the patients less time spent in the office, faster results and a more favorable financial situation by comparing it with other methods of dental restorations and dental tissues. These are in most cases the most important factors that patients care about.
Minimally invasive strategies for our daily work means to fight for each tooth and tooth root and that instead crowns and inlays we prefer to upgrade directly to the teeth in your mouth in one visit.
There is still time for more invasive methods such as dental prosthetics and implantology if minimally invasive methods are not successful, they don’t satisfy functionaly or aestheticly or are not applicable.