Prosthetics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the replacement of lost teeth.
Modern dental prosthetics tend to make works from materials that do not contain metals as well as less use of mobile design (prostheses that are removed daily from the mouth).

The development of technology of crowns and bridges is associated with the computerized system whose precision is unsurpassed. Advances in materials and techniques allows us to do today works of almost perfect natural aesthetics.
Dental prosthetics are divided into fixed and mobile prosthetics.
In Prosthodontics belong crowns and bridges. These are works that are fixed in the mouth and can not be removed. In our office, we work exclusively with works of ceramic (porcelain). The patient can choose between metal free ceramic and metal based ceramic. Metalceramic crowns and bridges with metal base on which ceramics is baked (metal is nowhere to be seen). Aesthetically and functionally, the teeth completely satisfy. Metal free Cercon ceramic is aesthetically superior to metal based ceramic, and we use it as an alternative to ceramic veneers also.
Dentures means works that can be removed from the mouth and are made in cases where for some reason a fixed prosthesis cannot be made.
Among these are:

  • Total denture
  • Partial (wironit) prosthesis
  • Combined Works – fixed (bridge) + mobile (prosthesis) that are associated with attachments (Ce-Ka Attachment) which replaces the check mark. Such work gets excellent functionality and aesthetics.

Dentures can be anchored on treated roots or implants.

Telescope systems

  • Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
  • All ceramic crowns
  • Crowns and bridges Cercone
  • Inlay-bridges
  • Fixation of teeth Ribbond tape
  • Acrylic dentures
  • Wironit prosthesis
  • Complete dentures worn implants
  • Temporary crowns and bridges
  • Repairs of existing dentures