Practice of dental medicine Majer from Rijeka is a private family dental practice based on tradition, knowledge, expertise and modern technology ..
Tradition & experience
More than 40 years experience in dentistry
The tradition of over 40 years in top dentistry and for almost 20 years in own private practice. The clinic was founded by Javor Majer after teaching on the Medical Faculty in Rijeka, school of Dentistry, and many years of work in practice. Today the holder of the activity is Ivo Majer.
Your family dentist
Our patients are our family members
Family dentist for us means an obligation that goes beyond the professional caring for the patient. In our dental practice we cultivate a personal and human relationship with patients, which ultimately contributes to a positive experience and so better results in solving and preventing dental problems.
Expertise & quality
Continuous professional training in the field of dentistry
In addition to the daily work as dentists, our knowledge continuously improved on dental professional seminars and conferences. In our work we use new technology, processes and materials in dentistry. We are members of the Croatian Dental Chamber.
Affordable prices
Superior quality at affordable prices
The pricing of our dental services always strives to provide our patients with exceptional quality and expertise with the moderate and affordable prices for all dental services. Our cost of dental services are one of the lowest in the region. Check!
To all our customers we guarantee high quality of dental services in accordance with professional standards. Your health is our primary interest.

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Location of Dental Studio

Location of the Dental Studio Majer in Rijeka

Practice of dental medicine Majer is located in Donja Vežica in Rijeka in the street Martina Kontusa number 27. View location on an interactive map

Contact & Opening hours

  • Martina Kontuša 27, Rijeka
  • +385 51 437-573 | +385 92 2809 558 | +385 91 506 4477
  • ivo_majer

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Working hours

Mon, Wed, Thu: 13.00 – 20.00h
UTue, Fri: 8.00am – 15.00pm

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