About us

Modern dentistry every day opens up new possibilities and offers new solutions to replace lost teeth. The selection is so large that one really needs to stop and think about what to choose. Contact us with confidence so that we can facilitate the decision with an expert opinion. We take the principle that each patient is treated as we would treat ourselves. Superior Aesthetics is only one of the conditions to be satisfied – we believe that the function, durability and reliability is becoming indispensable in modern dental practice.

The Practice of dental medicine Majer is a family private practice based on tradition, knowledge, continuous training and modern technology.
The tradition of over 40 years in top dentistry, and nearly 20 years of our own private practice, gives us the necessary experience in our everyday work ..

The Dental medicine clinic was founded by Mr. Sc. Dr. Majer Javor after the teaching work at the Medical Faculty in Rijeka, School of Dentistry, and many years of work in practice. Today the holder of the activity is dr. Ivo Majer.

Dobrodošli u ordinaciju dentalne medicine Majer - Rijeka
Dr. Ivo Majer
The dentist, practice manager
To all our customers we guarantee high quality of dental services in accordance with the highest professional standards. Your health is our primary interest.
Welcome to Dental Studio Majer - Rijeka

Dental Services

The practice of dental medicine Majer, can offer our patients the following dental services::

  • Prevention and Diagnosis
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics
  • Periodontology
  • Prosthetics
  • Oral Surgery